Monday, November 16, 2009

Sonus Faber Concerto Home and speaker stands

This is not a review of Sonus Faber Concerto loudspeakers but merely how the original stands uplift their performance:

my main system in the living hall

I have always been a great fan of smallish standmount loudspeakers. And I reckon I shall continue to own loudspeakers with small dimensions in the near foreseeable future with no intention to switchover to bigger ones or floorstanders. Bookshelf-type or those in the budget sector aside, well-designed and quality standmount loudspeakers must be coupled to their original or type of speaker stands they were developed with to sound their best.

A case in point is my Sonus Faber Concerto Home. Many have claimed that Sonus Faber loudspeakers would only sing well when paired with their own speaker stands and sound mediocre with others but did not elaborate further. Hence, I had been a skeptical miser and refused to fork out RM1,800 for their matching stands. I was hoping to buy them used in immaculate condition but this did not materialise. In the meantime, 3 pairs of ex-demo locally-made Empire 24" 6 or 4 pillars metal stands, either empty or filled with industrial sands and lead shots, provided stand services to my Concerto Home. I have missed out a lot sonically without realising what they actually were, until now that is.

I finally bought a pair of height-adjustable walnut finished hardwood with 'marble' (look more of man-made stone to me) base speaker stands yesterday. Switching over to them immediately transformed the entire tonal character and soundscape of my system. In CD playback, even with my vdH First Classic interconnects still in place, the sound now is alive and lively with lots of vitality and midrange warmth. The soundstage opens up and becomes more three-dimensional. Bass attack is full of visceral speed and more natural to my ears. Truly fantastic! In comparison to the sandfilled metal stands, the sound previously was somewhat deadened, lacked liveliness and very much bottom heavy. Switching over to my LP playback (with vdH Thunderline interconnects), every areas which I have just described are even more pronounced. Wow!

Which particular area constributes such a vast difference to the overall sound? I would tend to feel that it is the choice of rigid natural hardwood and non-resonant stone to make the speaker stands as sandfilled metal ones obviously overdamped the sound to extent of it being deadened and lifeless, certainly not the interface nor bolts coupling the speakers to their stands. For owners of older series of Sonus Faber out there, if you have yet to try out your loudspeakers with their hardwood stands, you do not know what you have been missing. These stands would really make your Sonus Fabers sing!


kkthen said...

May I know where do you get the new speaker stand from? How much is it? Thanks.

Y.C. said...

I already sent you an e-mail detailing how much and where you could source for the Sonus Faber speaker stands.

sskong said...


I'm interested on the stand as well. Mind to share the details with me ?

jazzy939 said...

Happy New Year Y.C!
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I'm sure they're coming.. it's just that the time is not right ;)

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Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Y.C. said...


Thank you and welcome!


Happy New Year! I've just posted a new article to my blog. Hope you like it.


The speaker stands I bought are actually clones/replica of the original and made in China. There are few shops in AmCorp Mall PJ and C&O Audiophile Enterprise in Ipoh selling them.

Anonymous said...

looks like this site doesnt exist anymore. i got also a pair of concerto in black, but no stands. would be very thankfull if someone can give some informations where i can buy some of these stands (clone).


Y.C. said...

Milan, Hello. Nope, this blog is still alive but I have not been updating it for a while. Where are you located? It is best you go back to distributor of Sonus Faber loudspeakers in your country or try getting an used pair from eBay or other similar sites. Franklin and Lowell in US used to produce stands for the SF Concertino and Concerto some time back, not sure whether they still have any unsold stocks with them or otherwise.

Jiří Kraut said...


Jiří Kraut said...


Jiří Kraut said...

it is practically impossible to buy Concertos original stands now. I tried to place Concertos on sandstone blocks and the sound is now much better than before. But blocks surface is not really flat so I must solve tp plate and bottom plate somehow to avoid wobble. Would you kindly let me know top plate size incl. wholes for fixing screws position and bottom plate size, please ? There are four pads on the top plate visible on some photos on internet. what is pads size and material, please ?