Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rega's Belt Upgrade

It's another long while since I last posted an article! Attributes are my work commitment coupled with a lengthy break that I took from being too preoccupied with hifi that also see me skipped the recently concluded KLIAV Show. Music playback should rightly remain a passion to us, not an obsession.

I picked up a Rega white-coloured belt from the local distributor, Asia Sound Equipment Sdn Bhd (ASE) recently. This item, initially offered by Rega as a limited edition product at a premium price, is now a standard upgrade item at a more down-to-earth price. Eddie Tan of ASE told me that the white belt is made of silicon which has better grip over the standard black ones but I believe it is actually a higher grade of rubber without the carbon compound. It has a smoother profile and definitely grips better over the black belt bundled with my Rega P5.

My P5 turntable is fitted with an imported aftermarket acrylic platter and the Groovetracer Deluxe sub-platter. The white belt brings about a subtle but audible improvement to the sonics. It enhances further the similar improvements by the Goovetracer sub-platter in the sense that music becomes more tangible with image of main voices/instruments better defined and more vivid. Inner details in the background are now clearer and more easily discernable. My P5 also runs slightly quieter and I adduce that this is further reduction in noise floor. To me, such improvements must be a result of correct timing in spinning records due to better grip, mechanically. My verdict: I love it a lot and I find great joy in listening to my records all over again.


Bassraptor-SquareCircles said...

"Music playback should rightly remain a passion to us, not an obsession."

How absolutely true!

Y.C. said...


Thank you for taking time to visit my blog.

I did not invent the phrase myself but was merely quoting one which I chanced upon and like a lot.